World of Warcraft Europe Tools

Hi, these are few tools I created and I'd like to share with other WoW players in Europe. Enjoy!

On this page:

Realm Status Firefox Microsummary

Please note this feature requires Mozilla Firefox 2.0-5.0. Firefox 6.0 has removed this feature, sorry!

What are microsummaries?

Microsummaries are regularly-updated short summaries of web pages. When you bookmark a web page that has a microsummary, you can choose to display the microsummary as the title of the bookmark. Then, when the page changes, the title will also change, so you can find out the current status of the page just by looking at the bookmark.

This Microsummary allows you to monitor your WoW Realms status!


  1. Select the Realm name from the following drop-down list that you wish to monitor:

  2. Click on the link below to install the Microsummary Generator. Firefox will present the following dialog. Click OK.

    Install Generator

    Now, you have Generator installed.

  3. Now, go to Realm Status page. From the browser menu bar choose Bookmarks -> Bookmark This Page. You will be presented with the following dialog:

    As you see, Name field is a drop-down menu. Click the icon at the right-hand side of the field to open the menu.

    Select a microsummary from the list of Live Titles. You may monitor multiply Realms by repeating this procedure.

    Though not required, I suggest to choose Bookmarks Toolbar to have easy view on realms status.

  4. Your shiny new Realm's monitor is up and running, enjoy!

WoW Europe RSS Feeds

What are RSS Feeds?

RSS is a file format which allows you to monitor news on sites without need to go there. All you need is to subscribe to a feed with a feed reader. It will notify you when needed.

All major browser have RSS support: Firefox, Opera, even Internet Explorer 7. There are also specialized news aggregators or services, see the comparision or try Feedly.

Available RSS feeds:


It depends on news reader you wish to use. Web browsers provide means to subscribe by just clicking on any of links above. Standalone news aggregators need you to copy link address and then use "Add" option in the application.